In Memoriam

The Virginia Chapter of AAHAM, like many other AAHAM Chapters, considers personal connections at the top of the list of benefits of being an active member.  Through our connections made with our involvement in AAHAM, many of those individuals become confidants, mentors and life-long friends.  Over the years, the Virginia Chapter of AAHAM has been blessed to know and connect with some who have passed on to their forever home.  This page was developed as a way to memorialize their dedication to the chapter and the development of friendships that will be ever lasting.

Woodrow "Woody" Samuel

(March 11, 1924 - March 27, 2007)

Woody was one of the eight core group that established the Virginia Chapter of AGPAM (now AAHAM) along with Forrest Perrin in 1982 and remained active until his death.  Woody held the position of Treasurer.  Woody was awarded the Virginia Chapter of AGPAM President's Award in 1986; the very first Lifetime Member Award in 1987;  and the Chapter Award in 2005.  Since his passing, Virginia AAHAM has created a scholarship in his honor for chapter members and their family to provide in financial support for higher education.



Forrest Perrin, Jr CPAM

(November 11, 1940 - January 3, 2003)

Forrest Perrin was one of the first eight core team members that founded the Virginia Chapter of AGPAM (now AAHAM) in 1982, held a board position during it's inaugural year, and remained active until his death.  Forrest was awarded the Virginia Chapter of AGPAM Lifetime award in 1991; the National Presidents Award in 1993; and the Virginia Chapter Presidents Award in 1994.  In 2007, the Virginia Chapter of AAHAM named an Award after Forrest that has become the Chapters most coveted award.  It is given selectively to members who excel in service, dedication, and promotion of the chapter, all qualities that Forrest possessed.

Shirley Clatterbaugh, CPAM

(June 25, 1948 - May 30, 2017)

Shirley Clatterbaugh was the chapter Secretary from 1994-1995 and was actively involved in several of the chapters committees.  Shirley earned The Leslie Hampel award from National AAHAM for certification excellence in 1992.  Aside from her involvement with AAHAM she was well known for her dedication to a job she loved in the PFS department at the University of Virginia Medical Center. 


John Frierson, CPAM

(November 23, 1951 - February 4, 2011)

John was an active and professionally certified member of AAHAM (formerly AGPAM) since 1992.  John was awarded nationally for an article that he co-wrote with Kempton Smith and was the 2006 recipient of The Virginia Chapter of AAHAM Committee Award.  John was active in Virginia AAHAM as past treasurer and  committee engagement.  John was well known for his genuine smile and big heart.  In 2017 the Virginia AAHAM Executive Board voted to rename the Annual Banquet after him to honor his contribution to the healthcare industry and his fun loving spirit. He was respected for his knowledge in the Healthcare field and many would call him for his opinion and advice.


Randall "Randy" Bledsoe

(May 12, 1960 - August 26, 2013)

Randy was not only an active member of the Virginia Chapter of AAHAM, he served on the board  as well.  Additionally, he earned the Committee Award in 2006 for his involvement on the Membership Committee.   During his 35 years in the healthcare industry, he received many certifications and pursued many opportunities for personal growth.  At the time of his passing, he was pursuing his Doctorate to fulfill his dream of teaching his craft to others.

       Jim Cooney                                                                                                   

James (Jim) Cooney, Jr.

(October 21, 1937 - June 21, 2020)

Jim Cooney was a dedicated supporter of the Virginia Chapter of AAHAM. Jim was highly involved in the development of the Corporate Partners Program and helped in establishing the standard of excellence for the chapter’s current relationship with Corporate Sponsors. 

As a founder of the company, DECO in 1993, Jim worked hard throughout his career to better our healthcare industry, and was also a true gentleman, professional, and fun-filled individual. His optimism and love of life were an inspiration to all Chapter Members who interacted with him. 


Saul David “Jack” Pustilnik, CRCE                    

(July 11, 1971 – August 6, 2022)


Jack was a dedicated and active member of the Virginia Chapter of AAHAM for a number of years.  He earned his Certified Revenue Cycle Executive certification in April 2009 and served as Second Vice-President in charge of Education from 2012 to 2013.

Jack worked tirelessly to support the chapter.  He once assisted a colleague in applying for benefits when she was faced with debilitating health issues.  This is just one example of his servant nature.

His devotion did not go unnoticed, and he was recognized by the Virginia AAHAM Board on several occasions as follows:

2010 & 2011 – The Leanna T. Marshall, CRCE Chapter Award – given to an individual who has been a member for two years or more and who has excelled in service to the Chapter.

2012 – President’s Award – given to an individual by the Chapter president for outstand service to the Chapter.

2013 – Forrest Perrin, Jr. CRCE Award – given to a member with 10 or more years of service to the Chapter and to recognize that member who excelled in service, dedication, and the promotion of their Chapter and the profession of healthcare administration management.

Jack was a beloved member of the Virginia Chapter who always brought with him an infectious smile, an upbeat outlook on life and a listening ear.