About The Virginia Chapter of AAHAM

AAHAM – The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management – is a premier professional organization for healthcare administrative management. The Virginia Chapter of AAHAM was founded in 1982 as the American Guild of Patient Account Management. Initially formed to serve the interests of hospital patient account managers, AAHAM has evolved into a national membership association that represents a broad-based constituency of healthcare professionals. Learn more about our wonderful chapter by clicking on the link to the left of this page titled, "History of VA AAHAM".

Mission Statement:

To provide education, certification, networking, and advocacy for healthcare revenue cycle professionals.

Meet the Executive Board:                                    

Chairman of the Board

(Chapter of Excellence Committee)

David Nicholas, CRCE
P: (703) 825-8762 Mercury Accounts Receivable Services    
C: (703) 627-1763 President
E: David@MercuryARS.com               


(Committee Chairperson: Nominating Committee; Accounts Receivable/Third Party Committee)

Linda M. Patry, CRCE  
P: (540) 741-1591 Mary Washington Healthcare
F: (866) 774-9287

Director, Patient Financial Services                     

E: Linda.Patry@MWHC.com               

First Vice President

(Committee Chairperson: Membership and Chapter Development: Chapter Awareness)

Amy Beech, CRCE  
P: (540) 245-7216 Augusta Health
F: (540) 332-4616 Supervisor, Patient Accounting                            
E: ABeech@AugustaHealth.com         

Second Vice President

(Committee Chairperson: Education Committee; Government Relations Committee)

Pam Cornell, CRCE, MHA
P: (540) 741-3385 Mary Washington Healthcare
F: (540) 741-1880 Manager, Billing and Follow Up                            
E: Pam.Cornell@MWHC.com             


(Committee Chairperson: Publications Committee)

Natalie Hefner, CRCE  
P: (571) 620-0141 Mercury Accounts Receivable Services
F: (844) 638-5427 Senior Specialist, Accounts Receivable                  
E: Natalie@MercuryARS.com            


(Committee Chairperson: Vendor Awards Committee)

Jeffrey Blue  
P: (434) 297-7477 University of Virginia Health System
F: (434) 924-9283 Manager, Cash Posting                                        
E: JRB2RE@Virginia.edu                  

Appointed Board Member

(Committee Chairperson: Finance Committee)

Dushantha Chelliah  
P: (434) 924-9266 University of Virginia Health System
F: (434) 982-2592 Manager, Patient Financial Services                     
E: DC5P@Virginia.edu                      

Appointed Board Member

(Committee Chairperson: Sponsorship Committee)

Thomas Perrotta  
P: (717) 877-7780 Penn Credit Corporation
E: Tom.Perrotta@PennCredit.com    Vice President, Client Relations, CCCO                 

Appointed Board Member

(Committee Chairperson: Certification Committee)

Leanna Marshall, CRCE, retired
P: (434) 962-8508    
E: Ayden1@Embarqmail.com         

Appointed Board Member

(Committee Chairperson: Linda B. McLaughlin, CRCE Communications Committee)

Timothy Breen, CRCE  
P: (434) 982-6355 University of Virginia Health System
F: (434) 243-0111 Supervisor, Patient Financial Services                  
E: TJB8PM@Virginia.edu                  

Honorary Board Member

Linda B. McLaughlin, CRCE, retired
P: (804) 690-7282  
E: Linda.B.McLaughlin@gmail.com   

Honorary Board Member

Michael Whorley, CRCE, retired
P: (540) 470-0020 VA Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program

E: Michael@Whorley.com               

Certified SHIP Counselor Volunteer

Committee Chairperson

(Legislative Committee)

Austin Hale  
P: (757) 597-1449 Tiffany Law Firm
E: Austin@TiffanyLawFirm.com        

Committee Chairperson

(Student Membership Committee)

Mary Prendergast  
P: (757) 839-6215 IC System

E: Mprendergast@icsystem.com