VA AAHAM Blog SurveyDon't forget to take the membership survey!2018-11-27T22:02:00-05:006e0bef5e-8d9d-431f-b237-e6ce08202a9b Legislative Day 2017This year's Legislative Day event will be held May 1st and 2nd2017-03-21T12:18:00-04:00543b7c1f-eb52-43c2-bd83-dac3afef8517 Outpatient Observation Notice (MOON) - VA AAHAM Member SurveyEffective March 8, 2017, providers will be required to issue the MOON to Medicare beneficiaries to notify them of their observation status. 2017-02-14T11:55:00-05:00d9cd4736-56db-45c1-a3f3-8346140b646d AAHAM Recognized at ANI in Las Vegas!The Virginia Chapter of AAHAM is taking home a trophy once again for winning first place in the Chapter Excellence competition. Chapter President, David Nicholas, CRCE-I, recognized Leanna Marshall for keeping the chapter on track and putting together an excellent application each year. He also thanked Chris Fisher for her work in the application process.2016-10-06T12:10:00-04:0082f6f81a-7c6d-4ac1-8d4d-9a26c6b88918 Certified CRCE MembersCongratulations to our new Virginia Chapter of AAHAM CRCEs2016-09-19T13:24:00-04:00a71b0e93-18b6-4e50-8f0f-ea9772a97d7b Certified CRCS MembersCongratulations to our new Virginia Chapter of AAHAM CRCSs2016-08-23T16:56:00-04:003482a900-5555-4785-a333-57483d5280fb Certified CRCP MembersCongratulations to our new Virginia Chapter of AAHAM CRCPs2016-08-23T16:48:00-04:00c98a9b67-a710-4f62-a9e3-bf29a996a313 Regional Conference Agenda SetThe agenda for the Virginia AAHAM Fall Regional Conference to be held at Fauquier Hospital in Warrenton, VA on Friday, September 23rd has been published.2016-08-11T18:21:00-04:008496a411-a964-4c0a-b4b9-d4dc1cd043f4 first of many...Welcome to the VA AAHAM Blog. We hope you enjoy our posts!2016-03-28T13:56:00-04:00