Dear Virginia AAHAM Members and Friends:

“Life is about change, sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s beautiful, but most of the time it’s both.” - Kristin Kreuk

Change is inevitable. The Virginia Chapter of AAHAM is certainly not immune to change and we will be going through a few changes in 2020, as we begin a new two-year term for our Board of Directors. Dushantha Chelliah will move out of his 2nd Vice President spot and into the Finance Chair Position, which has been vacant for most of 2019. Pam Cornell will leave her Secretarial duties to assume the 2nd VP position. Linda Conner will hand over the reigns of the Treasurer duties to newcomer Jeff Blue, and she’ll assume note taking and newsletter duties as our new incoming Secretary. Our Communications Chair, Katie Adams will pass the torch over to Tim Breen, and we will welcome Austin Hale as our new Legislative Chair. We are so fortunate to have all these VA AAHAM members on board to help us as we continue to strive to be the best we can be.

During the next two years, I will be working closely with the Board of Directors and with our members to develop a succession plan for our chapter. It is critical to the success of VA AAHAM that we identify new talent and promote existing leaders to continue our legacy of being an award-winning chapter. Stay tuned, as we may be knocking on your door soon!

2019 was a fantastic year! I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone for their contributions to our chapter. We offered four conferences with varied topics focused on every facet of the Revenue Cycle. We took home a 2nd Place award in our division for Chapter Excellence, realized a 79% national member retention rate and we are the 4th largest chapter in AAHAM. Well done Team!

2020 is shaping up to be just as fabulous as 2019. Here is a snapshot of what we have planned thus far:

  • March – Charlottesville
    • 3/19 Wine Tour
    • 3/20 Spring Conference
  • September 25th – Fredericksburg
  • December 2-4 – Williamsburg

Pam Cornell and her committee are already working to add a 4th conference in either Roanoke or Virginia Beach. We’ll share as soon as a location and date are confirmed.

Finally, I’d like to thank you for entrusting me to serve as your President for the next two years. I am humbled and honored to do so. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please reach out to me at Linda.Patry@mwhc.com or 540-741-1591. I look forward to seeing you in 2020!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a great start to the new year.

Yours in AAHAM,

Linda M. Patry, CRCE-I
President, Virginia Chapter of AAHAM